Nutty Pumpkin Waffles (we substitute half whole wheat flour and ¼ cup oil rather than butter or margarine. –Phil)


White Bean Spread Really garlicky and great on pita bread or a baguette - Joy


Papa al Pomodoro (really easy pantry-staple bread, tomato, bean soup. I’ve only made a half batch and I used Muir Glen Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes or whatever leftover tomatoes I have from another recipe. I haven’t tried the basil garnish yet but lots of the Parm Reggiano, onion, and olive oil is awesome) - Joy


Lentils with Bulgur - adapted from Mark Bittman’s cookbook The Best Recipes in the World. The original recipe calls for 1 t cumin instead of the allspice and mint instead of cilantro - Joy

Chicken Paprikash - Joy

Spicy Pasta (I don’t really measure the ingredients, but it’s always good. Asiago is an interesting change from the Parmesan.) - Joy

Chickpea and Tomato Curry - This is a quick meal, as most of the ingredients just need to be heated through. I make a half batch, because this makes a lot. Gotta love the fire roasted tomatoes! - Joy

Phil made this dish and we all really liked it - especially Naomi, the little chickpea lover. We reduced the chickpeas to one can and added a chopped red bell pepper and a cup of frozen peas to add some more veggies. - Teresa

Lentil Salad This is good warm or at room temperature. Add a salad and side dishes and you have a meal :) Joy


Concoctions- Grape and Mint Dessert. I refuse to call it a salad, but it qualifies as one of the potluck table. -Shannon

Coconut Pecan Cereal Bars - Chris’s grandma made these and knows I love coconut. I had to have the recipe. They taste like rice krispie treats, but grown up! - Joy

Fruit Crisp - a Teresa original! -Phil

Chocolate Soufflé - My friend John found this recipe in the New York Times, which I successfully doubled for our valentines. What can I say? Everyone raved about it. :) -Phil